Home Depot Logistica

The advantages of working with our logistic centre in Castellón

  1. One loading point. By picking up and gathering together the merchandise, the container or truck makes the fewest number of stops possible, optimising transport costs. Moreover, HDL is already the loading centre for many big manufacturers.
  2. Our ample and uninterrupted loading timetable, faced with the restrictions in timetable of the manufacturers, assures that our vehicles and those of our clients are completely loaded with the merchandise on the date planned.
  3. On-line information about the state of orders, which allows for loading decisions to be taken in real time.
  4. Optimisation of capacity for container and truck loading. With the merchandise grouped in one place we guarantee greater performance from and better distribution of the merchandise in the means of transport, as well as the reduction in breakages through poor stowage.
  5. The possibility of gathering together merchandise in any part of Spain. Example: marble from Novelda and Almeria, manufacturers from Valencia, Toledo, Madrid, etc.
  6. Savings in costs for pick up, in comparison with the cost of loading a long distance container or truck directly in the factory.