Home Depot Logistica


  • Transporte2Home Depot Logistica have their own large fleet of vehicles and of their associates, allowing them to offer their services from Spain to the whole of the EU. We are specialists in both complete and half loads from any and to any origin/destination on the Iberian Peninsula.
  • We offer distribution services from our logistic’s centre in Castellón, as well as transport services for half and fully loaded trucks in the ‘Tile Area’ of Castellón.
  • We also have portable silos and tankers for bulk loads, as well as trucks with cranes for unloading material on site (see availability).
  • We transport all types of material, except liquids and perishable goods, including ADR solids.
  • Our experience and large network of associates allows us to offer any transport solution to our clients, whether by land, sea or a combination of both.
If you wish to use our transport services or receive a personalised quote, please contact us by clicking here: Contact